Puppy Schools

Looking for a puppy school? 

Training should be fun, and never something to be dreaded. Make sure you enroll in a class where you will enjoy the experience! The following schools comes highly recommended.


The Puppies in Balance school situated in Bryanston comes highly recommended please follow link below for more details:



Thinking Pets have puppy classes all over the country Please follow the link for more info:

Confi-Puppy classes are held nation wide, for puppies between the ages of 8 – 16 weeks and all breeds are welcome. We also provide information on behaviour, Ttouch, grooming, obedience training, health, parasite control, nutrition and socialization. When you’re attending a Confi-Puppy class, you’re once again assured of a service we are proud of.

Every single Confi-Puppy instructor must attend ongoing training seminars and workshops relevant to behaviour, Ttouch, nutrition and obedience training in order to stay up to date with what’s happening in the animal world.



Friends of the dog:

This is another handy website www.friendsofthedog.co.za they have a list of dog schools and lots of information on dog behaviour.